Our vehicle tracking system, that provides solutions for monitoring and tracking assets and equipment. We providing reasonable asset tracking solutions that were completely customized to resist almost every environment. Our vehicle tracking system, that makes it quiet consistently track your resources and equipment in the field.

Protect against stealing and misuse, while getting standard reporting and limitless data storage for company records with GPS Asset Tracking System, easy to use systems for actual GPS locating and GPS vehicle tracking. With options for either programmed daily reporting or locate on demand tracking, Our Gps tracking system, that improved security and more effective inventory control for any asset.

List of Features

  • • GPS+LBS positioning
  • • IPX5 water proof
  • • Intelligent power management
  • • Tamper alert
  • • WCDMA & GSM
  • • 5 years standby (1 position per day)
  • • Strong magnet
  • • Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web