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Wordpress Upgradation

Make Sure Your WordPress Website Upgraded Safely

WordPress Upgrade Service

Upgradation Service

WordPress Upgrade Service is designed to ensure your WordPress website is safely upgraded and running smoothly.With our WordPress Upgrade Service, do more than just click the upgrade button. Before anything, we will do a complete backup of the website, both the code and database. Once we have backed up the site, we will employ any updates, both for WordPress and any plugins that may be activated on the site. Once updated, we will do a quick run through of the site to ensure all is running well and there are no obvious errors as a result of the upgrade.

Why Should We Update WordPress?


Better WordPress security since updates fix bugs and security vulnerabilities of the previous version.

Speed and performance

Speed and performance improvements that come with each new version of WordPress.

New Features

New features and functionality that may help you customize your website in a better way.


Compatibility with latest themes, plugins and web technologies with the latest mobile devices and browser updates.

How to Know If an Update is Available?

Getting notification of an Update for WordPress is so handy, another reason why WordPress is the most popular CMS worldwide.

Luckily, you will be notified of each WordPress updates. Whenever an update is available, you will see a notification message at the top of almost every page of your WordPress back-end panel.

Before Upgrading WordPress

Make sure your backup includes everything.

WordPress plugins & themes

WordPress database

Website uploads (images, videos, pdf or any kind of attachments)

Any other custom folders created by your theme or plugins

Test your staging site

just done is created a staging website that’s a perfect copy of your original site in every way, except for the fact that this one is running PHP 7.

Now comes the part where you look for errors on your staging site. What you’re looking for and what issues you might find will vary widely depending on your unique setup. However, here’s how we recommend you go about conducting your test:

  1. Make your way through every page on your website, looking for any elements that have suddenly stopped working.
  2. Check to see if your plugins are behaving as they should, one by one.
  3. Test any features that your active theme includes, to ensure that they’re still functioning.

If you didn’t find any errors on your staging website (or after you’ve identified the source of any problems that do appear), all that’s left is to upgrade your live site to PHP 7.