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To connect with your customers directly, use SMS marketing. With our trustworthy and high-quality bulk sms services, you can effectively manage your business while also effectively reaching your audience.

Bulk SMS services have streamlined it even further by allowing businesses to reach out to customers at scale. Whether you’re sending out personalised welcome messages or pushing emergency alerts, the possibilities are endless when you use Bulk SMS platformsto engage with your customers more effectively.

An Easy and Comprehensive Solution

Bulk SMS Service
Create Bulk SMS Campaigns that Pack a Punch

Simply add names or custom fields, compose in many languages, plan or stagger your sends, include an opt-out path, and more to easily customize your bulk SMS. Get world's best SMS delivery

API Integration Made Easy

5-minute SMS API integration - make your website work for you! Send and receive SMS automatically from any website, CRM, or application.Use sample codes in more than 10 languages, including PHP, Java, .NET, and others, to access SMS APIs.

Prepare your business

Our strong SMS gateway allows for smooth scaling up and includes features like tiered account structures for teams and franchisees, user roles and privileges, an audit trail, customized services, and more.

Mobile Solutions to Improve Engagement

Right from our web portal, create discount tickets and vouchers, web surveys, and forms. Immediately include them as short URLs in your SMS campaigns to increase response rates.

Receive SMS online - Instantly Connect with Your Customers

Allow your customers to text into your lengthy codes and phrases to rapidly contact you. Set auto-replies or move the topic to other channels.

Real-Time Delivery and Click Reports

With real-time SMS delivery records and detailed click stats for all weblinks, you can assess the reach and efficiency of your campaign.

SMS Attachments

Grab Your Customers' Attention by simply adding photos, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more as short links to your bulk SMS campaigns.

Missed calls and dual VMNs

Set up SMS auto-replies to manage leads, take support/sales inquiries, and do much more with just a simple missed call. With our dual VMNs, you can receive SMS and missed calls on the same number.

Guaranteed Top-Notch Delivery

It’s no wonder that more and more enterprises are choosing to use our bulk SMS service in order to send their own important company messages and sending OTPs as well as messages from their partners.

Routing system for SMS gateways that is intelligent and precise

Scalable and reliable infrastructure with built-in redundancy

Direct connection to numerous telecom providers

Whether you require bulk SMS marketing or client involvement, pick the SMS category that is ideal for your company’s needs.

Bulk SMS Standard Package Promotional SMS / Transactional SMS

10000 SMS

  • 25 PAISA/SMS

25000 SMS

  • 20 PAISA/SMS

50000 SMS

  • 18 PAISA/SMS

1,00,000 SMS

  • 15 PAISA/SMS

above 1,00,000

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Companies utilize OTP SMS services for a variety of purposes, including new user registration, password reset, password changing, and password forgetting. Only the mobile number must be verified, and after the user has confirmed the OTP that has been delivered to his or her phone, the transaction is instantly completed. OTP SMS has a time validity, which indicates that it can only be used once and should only be used for a specific period of time.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is used to send messages for sales and marketing. Only opt-in and non-DND numbers receive these. SMS marketing messages are to be sent between 9 am and 9 pm. The network operator chooses a random Sender ID of 6 characters for promotional messages.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS messages are used to notify clients who have made reservations or placed orders as well as to send them informational messages. These messages are not being sent for commercial gain. Regardless of their DND status, they are sent to all recipients without any time restrictions and on a constant basis
Bulk SMS Coimbatore
Bulk SMS Company Coimbatore


Our bulk SMS service provides an excellent way to help you stay connected with your business partners, customers, vendors and suppliers on the go, even when you are far away from each other. The One Solution For All Your SMS Needs is ICore Software Technologies. From a single platform, you can send promotional or transactional SMS, receive SMS online or as missed call hits, set up tier-based subscriptions, and do much more. Get the best bulk SMS service to help your business communicate better!

Bulk SMS is the practise of simultaneously sending an SMS or MMS message to many end customers. The majority of the time, bulk SMS is a “broadcast” or “one-to-many” type of message, as opposed to group messaging, which is regarded as “many-to-many.”

From the time it was first offered until now, bulk SMS service has been used. Businesses may contact as many customers as they want, wherever in the world, with the use of bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS marketing has long been used as an effective tool by businesses to communicate with their customers, build loyalty, and drive sales.

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