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Powerful Open Source CRM

The CRM is self-hosted CRM Software that is a great fit for almost any company, and many other uses. With its clean and latest modern design, CRM can enable you to look like an expert to your clients and help improve business execution at an accurate time. The CRM system that’s aimed toward small businesses and freelancers. Project management features help to track expenses and time spent on tasks and bills to their clients. It also provides the power to assign tasks and track logged time. They’ll even create one-click invoices, invoices with different taxation, and recurring invoices which are able to be regenerated automatically supported user requirements. Estimates will be converted directly to invoices and customers can view invoices even without any login. Features for creating impressive proposals are present, including an editor allowing tables, images, YouTube videos, and more. Lead management is feasible and is helped using kanBan layouts and users can automatically import leads from emails. The features for managing expenses and payments with automatic reports after each payment, task management, contract management, surveys, goal tracking, and etc.

CRM System is Able to Assist You Right Now!!!

  • Estimates

    It can assess the value of the items or services requested by your consumers. Manually accept the estimates in the client interface and convert them to invoices. Creating a replacement estimate provides your clients a quick quote. How to create a replacement estimate in CRM Invoice. Customized by emailing them, amending them and auto-converting estimates to invoices.

  • Recurring Invoices

    The recurring bills are issued to a comparable client at regular periods, providing similar invoice data. Draft invoices are only kept as draughts. You'll examine, edit, and manually mail them. Create and send periodic invoices to buyers for payment. Charge and send invoices using the customer's MasterCard is automatically charged and invoices are issued for reference.

  • Recurring Expenses

    Expenses that occur often may be automated in CRM Invoice, allowing for more systematic monitoring and faster reimbursements. The expenditure will be automatically recreated after the specified term. This profile will create the Recurring Expense at the conclusion of each recurring month, making it simple to monitor. The expenditure is fixed and occurs on a regular basis.

  • Customers

    The CRM installation includes just one position, Employee, with no rights. It is up to you to set permissions for this role or create a new one. Staff rights override role permissions. When adding employees, the roles permission populates all permissions. Changing role permissions won't impact the current employee's role permissions. If you want to change all employees' permissions who use this position, you may tick the box when amending the role. Create many contacts for your customers and assign permissions with financial data.

  • Leads

    In CRM, generating a lead is the first step. Lead records are meant to contain all known information about a lead, such as name, address, contact details, and current sales funnel status. Every business strives to generate new leads. When a prospective customer calls and requests a certain service, it is often forgotten. With CRM, you'll never forget a prospective customer and be able to handle them all in one spot. Keep track of all leads in one spot. Managing leads in a database, building lists, automating outreach, etc.

  • Web to Lead Forms

    Web to Lead Forms transform website visits into important leads. Web to Lead Forms that collect and send leads to the CRM. Use Web to Lead Forms to create code-free web forms that you can embed into your website or emails to collect high-intent leads. To link your current online lead form with new sales to repair the leads automatically recorded in the CRM. Features to import leads into CRM. Use Web to Lead Forms to collect prospective customers' information and enable them to get quotations straight from your website.

  • Proposals

    Create good-looking proposals to lead all the clients and increase sales. Receive notification from the proposal is accepted or declined and auto send thanks email to your customer after accepting the proposal. Proposal overdue notice before X days available.

  • Milestones

    Milestones allow your team to manage and collaborate on the strategic efforts and dates. It will be used to keep track of important operational dates, like renewal dates, quarterly business reviews, and project deadlines, and also the ability to drag and Drop tasks between milestones

  • Online Payments

    With the rise of e-commerce, online payment service providers like PayPal have proved to be useful tools. As shown in this survey, many prospective consumers still prefer to pay for online purchases using a credit card rather than creating an online payment services.

  • Projects

    The CRM solution provides an undeniable competitive advantage for an organization. It enables the corporation to streamline its work processes and ensures customer data is both centralized and available. All with one goal to enhance customer relationship quality. A quick overview of the mistakes to avoid for a successful CRM project. Record project costs and invoice clients quickly and professionally. Gantt chart and employee to track time spent on each project.

  • Tickets

    The tickets system automates time-consuming and repetitive customer service administrative duties. In addition, you may pick, monitor, and automate regular support activities. It aggregates support tickets so agents can be organized and respond quickly. This is a great ticketing system with auto-response and private notes for employees. Includes Email Forwarder and IMAP auto-imports, allow users to respond & create tickets through email.

  • Contracts

    Contracts deal faster and automate the creation, and approval of all contracts. Adding the contracts is extremely simple, you can set the start date and end date and have a transparent view of all of your company contracts in one place. You'll create PDF contracts and send them to your customers from CRM. Contract reminders are available. They'll generate all agreements and legal documents, revise contracts, and provide real-time status and also visibility to all.

  • Departments

    Departments assist in the assignment of all personnel to certain departments as well as the automatic import of tickets by each department's email address.

  • Custom Fields

    Custom fields can help to store and retrieve the all information of clients, leads, tickets, invoices, company estimates, etc.

  • Staff Reminders

    Setup staff reminders for employee’s members with the flexibility to notify by email and built-in. Reminders are available for important features.

  • Theme Styling Without Coding

    Theme Styling the CRM for your company branding with powerful theme styling without coding features to align the most effectively for your needs create custom.css and add your own styles.

  • Easily Re-organize Admin Menu

    You can easily reorganize the admin menu and therefore the setup menu in a few seconds, you would like only to login into your admin. No coding is required and add or remove icons to fit your needs.

  • Staff Roles & Permissions

    Employees may be assigned certain tasks, as well as specific permissions for what they are allowed and not allowed to do in the workplace. It will be discussed in depth what each employee's responsibilities.

  • Events

    Events can create private and public events. Receive the notification when an event is coming built-in and email.

  • Email Templates

    Setup predefined email templates from the text editor. Merge all fields and it has multi-language options available.

  • Goals Tracking

    Set up goals and track achievements. Using the Goals Tracking features to utilize the sales goals in mind.

  • Personal To-do

    Every employee can want their own personal to-do list to manage their work.

  • Staff

    All of your employees may be managed from a single location.

  • Company News Feed

    Share all company events, upload documents, and easy employees’ communications.

  • Encrypted Sensitive Data

    All sensitive data in the database is secured using a unique encryption key. Email passwords, API keys, and API passwords are all encrypted.

  • Auto Backup Database

    Create an automatic backup database that runs every X days to prevent your vital data from being lost.

  • Server Side Data tables

    Server Side Data Tables are used by the CRM to handle huge datasets in an efficient manner.

  • Activity Log

    Log every action taken by each employee. Creating, removing, and adding new things. Keep a record of everything your personnel do.

  • Action Hooks

    We implemented action hooks for certain key features to avoid altering core files. Send us an email if you require additional action hook.

  • Google ReCaptcha

    Google ReCaptcha is accessible for admin login, customer login, and customer register area.


Project Management Tool

This tools for billing and invoicing. Track spending and charge consumers. Ability to allocate numerous workers to tasks and monitor their time.

Record Company Expenses

Find a recurrent cost and it will be made automatically. Days, weeks, months, or years may pass. Ability to charge consumers or projects.

Create Estimate

Create an estimate in seconds, send it to your clients, and wait for them to approve. The auto-convert the estimate to an invoice after the customer accepts.

Create Additional Custom Fields

Available Custom fields for many of the important features, You'll be able to add custom fields to PDF invoices, estimates, etc...

Record Payments

Record and receive payments in several currencies. Customers will pay you via PayPal and Stripe. Auto-generated PDF after each recorded payment.

Knowledge Base for Customers and Staff Members:

Add knowledge base articles from a text editor. “Did you find this article useful?” vote included in the client's area.

Managing Contracts

Use contracts to lock in future sales. Create PDF papers in seconds and deliver them to your clients with the built-in contract sending function.

Awesome System Support

It has auto-response private and predetermined ticket responses. It also has knowledge base link insert, ticket priority, and ticket status

Creating Good Looking Proposals

Impress prospective clients with attractive offerings & editor supports photos, tables, and videos with customer's input, the proposal was improved.

Leads Management

Follow-up on leads is easy with this method. Convert donations, import email leads, create proposals, and leave comments.

One-click Invoice Creation

Construct professional invoices. Send files, including invoice PDF. Tax bill is formatted. Every X months, create and support.

Send Surveys to Leads & Customers

Using surveys allows you to send surveys to leads, customers, and employees, as well as manually created mailing lists.

Detailed Calendar

Have a transparent view of all of your company events, invoice expiry dates, contract’s expiration, estimate expiration, tasks finish date

Goals Tracking

Established goals and tracking achievements, notify staff members about failure or achievement. Tracking everything.

Companies News Feed

The employee interactions should be clear and simple. And also the Issue paperwork, and connect with the staff and share information.

One-click Invoice Creation

Create professional invoices. Attach files and submit them with the invoice PDF. The item determines the tax invoice. Create recurring invoices that will be renewed and supported automatically.

Simple Reports for Quick Overview

Reports Sales Item Reports Total report income Reports by customer Custom date picker Leads Conversions knowledge base articles and Track if your article is helpful to clients, improve text supporting votes.

CRM Managing Customers in Lots of Ways:

  • Manage Invoice Projects With Most Powerful Project Management Features
  • Assign jobs, charge clients, and monitor time per employee.
  • Even if not a project member, employees may monitor tasks.
  • All leads in one place. Import email leads, write notes, and proposals.
  • Create attractive sales proposals for prospects and consumers.
  • Receive Payments From The Stripe In Several Currencies
  • Create A Powerful CRM For Your Business And Branding.
  • Create A Powerful CRM For Your Business And Branding.
  • Record your project expenses, bill your clients, and auto-convert to invoice.
  • Use The Goals Tracking Feature To Stay Sales Goals In Mind
  • Use Contracts Features To Lock The Current And Future Sales
  • Great Looking Calendar For Every Employee Supported Staff Permissions
  • Build Professional, Great-Looking Estimates And Invoices
  • Link Tasks Accurately To Several CRM Features And Stay Organized
  • Powerful Support System With The Power To Auto-Import Tickets
  • Organizing your leads in stages and alter stages easily with drag and drop
  • Custom Fields Can Store The Extra Information For Customers, Leads, etc.
  • Tons Of Configurable Options
  • Non-Admin Staff Can Upload And Organize Media Files Separately
  • Know More About Your Clients With The Powerful CRM
  • Increase Customer Retention Via Built-In Surveys
  • Create All Announcements For Your Employees And Clients At Any Time
  • Follow-Ups, Reports, Notes, Files, And Plenty Of More Features

Timesheets and Leave Management for CRM

Timesheets and Leave Management Module is a completely trusted online time and attendance solution for employee accurate check-in and check-out time tracking, project time tracking, leave management and shift planning. Timesheet for CRM is a data table that an employer can use to trace the time for all employees working during a specific period and the timesheets to record time spent on tasks, projects, and clients. There are different methods used to record accurate timesheets. Time-entry involves employees entering the time they begin and end work on a project. Leave Management Modules automates the leave request process correctly and making it hassle-free for both the management and it robust enough to seamlessly handle all the stages involved during the Leave Management for CRM Processes are like application, approval, rejection, filing leaves, managing leave balance, and analysis.

Easy Leave Management for CRM

24/7 access Leave balance detail on the timesheet. Leave hours are earned supported by the number of hours worked on the worker timesheet. Leave hours are supported by the employee’s hire date. you will be ready to build your comp time rules specific to your contract requirements. Highly Flexible and Enterprise level online leaves management software. Data analytics and budget metrics to trace time. Timesheets integrated with a fully supported leave management software system with data import and email chat support. Leave Management may be a feature-rich and comprehensive web-based leave management system with paid-time-off management, holiday and vacation planner, custom leave, and approval path settings. Employees can view leave balances, request leaves, and view past leave history. Staff leaves planning using the advantages of both employers and employees by giving an honest and transparent leave approval workflow and offers settings for flexible timings and shifts. This permits companies having flexible working hours to use our leave system with Flexible start and end timings and holiday sets, shift timings and weekly-off schedules. The secure and scalable Leave Management system is easy to set up and use.

Leave Management for CRM

Here are some of the most important benefits

Eliminates paperwork

Remove Manipulations


Leave Tracking


No More Manual Work or Errors;

Stop losing paper forms

Quickly, easily, and transparently manage absences

Every request is tracked and includes a comment

Track All Types of Leave

Easily track all types of leave like annual leave, sick leave, unpaid leave, and easy to track work done from home and other types of remote work.

Paid and unpaid leave status

Setup different rules for different employees

Track remote work

Shift & Leave Management for CRM

Well-planned Shift & Leave Management for CRM is necessary for efficient operation and it can affect career growth. Ensure a smooth process for your business. The Shift & Leave Management for CRM Management Module provides the ability to manage the assets inside the dashboard. You will be able to separate your assets based on locations and assign them to staff members. Allocate Shift & Leave Management for CRM employees to daily shift plans. Easily react to change and reschedule your employee shifts. Keep an overview of all shifts. Easily track employee hours. The employee automatically receives notifications about the approval or rejection of the request. There’s the chance of a 2stage or 3stage approval workflow. Automatically calculate the working hours based on actual working hours and breaks. Shift & Leave Management for CRM Module tracks worked hours. Timesheets and Leave Management for CRM System will give employees a quality picture of the leave policies, their past leave requests, leave approval workflow, current leave balance, and therefore the team’s time-off calendar. These tools will keep you within the loop, and help them plan their leaves efficiently. Additionally, to make the lives of your employees easy, an honest time-off manager must also meet the requirements of your organization’s policy. Leave management process by automating and enables you to access the portal at any time while integrating seamlessly with the HR applications you currently use. Timesheets & Leave Management for CRM is that the administration of employee leaves as per company leave policy not just for statutory compliance but also for better employee engagement, productivity, and employer branding. Defining leave policies is also a one-time affair but enforcing them is a full-time HR activity. Here may be a list of all the items an admin must handle as a part of their leave administration responsibilities. A simple way to understand leave accounting. A bank account deals with money, and a leave account deals with leave balances. As a superb account-keeping practice and from a management control perspective, the HR administrator needs to prepare monthly MIS reports related to the leave balances and leave transactions.

  • For statutory compliance
  • Leave Accounting
  • Leave-Encashment Report
  • Implementing leave policies
  • Transactions Report
  • Business operations & planning
  • Employee-Queries Handling
  • Monthly Leave Balances
  • Leave Administration Work
  • Detailed Leave Report
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Monthly Payroll Advice
  • Prevent revenue leakage
  • Year-End Activities
  • Annual Leave Report
  • Record Keeping
  • MIS Reporting
  • Designing leave policies
  • Leave Summary Report

Below Shows that How to use the Timesheets and Leave Management for CRM;

  • Set up annual leave, holidays, approval process, and timesheet method and all the steps can be created by the approval process.
  • Manage work shifts and also apply to department, role, and to a few specific employees at a validity period.
  • Leave Management of Leaves like Annual leave, Maternity leaves, Private work without pay, Late & Early, Go out, Business trip, Additional Work Hours.
  • Manage work shift lists with each shift has a working start and end time, and a break start and end time
  • The cycle consists of 2 types that are repeated weekly or according to a specific period of time with all days that can have different work shifts for every employee.
  • Attendance Management, There are five ways to take attendance.
1 Jpg

Possible to check in/out manually or via the Task timesheet.

Possible to check in/out manually or via the Task timesheet.




4 Jpg

Workplace management

Workplace management

54 Jpg

Assign staff to workplaces

Assign staff to workplaces

10 Jpg

Route Point Management

Route Point Management

9 Jpg

Route Point Management

Route Point Management

12 Jpg

Route Planner

Route Planner

11 Jpg

Route Planner

Route Planner

6 Jpeg

Check in/out with geo location

Check in/out with geo location

7 Jpeg

Check in/out with geo location

Check in/out with geo location

14 Jpg

Check in/out with geo location

Check in/out with geo location


Report and Statistics

Report and Statistics

HR Payroll for CRM

All-in-One HR Payroll Software for India is usually managed by the Accounting and HR Department of a business and small-business payrolls may be handled directly by the owner.  The HR Payroll for CRM is specialized to handle paycheck processing, employee benefits & insurance, and accounting tasks. It can be checked with the list of employees of a business and also the amount of compensation because of each of them. It is a serious expense for many businesses and is nearly always deductible, meaning the expenses are often deducted from gross income lowering the taxable income of the company. HR Payroll can differ from one pay period to different overtime, sick pay, and other variables.
  • Connected data for simple, intelligent, and automated transactions

  • Engaged employees improved employee experiences with digital connectivity

  • HR Transformed outcomes with insightful data and analytics

Key Features

  • Recruitment And Onboarding
  • Payroll Software And Services
  • Employee Self-Service And Mobile Apps
  • Fully Integrated Using A Single-Database
  • Legislative-Compliant
  • Timesheet Software
  • Reporting, Analytics, And Workflow Standard Throughout
  • Time And Attendance Systems
  • Timesheet Software
  • Specialist Options For Education
  • Scalable, Multi-Company Solution
  • Cloud HR Software Supports The Complete Employee Life-Cycle

HR Payroll Software

  • In-Built Compliance

  • Employee Lifecycle

  • Payslips & Reports

  • Direct Salary Payment

  • Biometric Attendance

  • Income-Tax Planner

  • Leave & Expense Management

Integrated HR Payroll Software

Transparent and accurate data transfer

Efficient and self-sustaining

Automated and contextual data collection

Bulk validation for faster payroll calculation

Effortless cross-functional reports and analysis

We Work Together to Form Your Process Better!

Automatic Employee Profile Synchronization

Contextual Employee Directory Updates

Up-to-the-Minute Employee Attendance

Integrated Leave Management

Powerful Integrations for Smarter Collaboration

We brought HR payroll teams that can work better together, improve productivity, and obtain more done in less time. Simple pricing, Extensive features, and Online HR payroll software that’s easily affordable. HR payroll software is often made and yet completely configurable. The HR payroll software facilitates easy salary operations and you’ll run a preview of the payroll period any number of times and review every aspect of the payroll before finalizing. The intuitive interface in HR Payroll for CRM Software allows you to simply compare changes from the previous pay period and identify changes at a micro-level. HR Payroll for CRM software allows you to release payslips in various formats for your employees. You’ll be able to release them digitally on their mobile app, email, or SMS. Easy payroll processing with payroll processing and recommends all possible actions. You’ll be able to easily track leaves, attendance of employees and have the calculations done automatically with zero manual effort. You’ll even reverse your leave and attendance entries and pay arrears. With tools to make every part of your process with human supporting teams excited to help you and get started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier. Start Growing with HR Payroll for CRM Today. Faster Payrolls. Timely Payouts. The perfect combination for an ideal HR Payroll management process: Providing technology and expertise you need to run your business.

Module Features of HR Payroll for CRM

Employee Profile Management

Employee Profile Management the database stored is in directory form and it helps in integrating the database. During a comparison of past systems for small corrections in profile, the employees need to take permission from the administration. The Employee Profile Management System of HR Payroll for the CRM is implemented to reduce the value of administration additionally as operational. It also helps in storing a database of every employee in the proper manner. The employee profiles that the employee database is an important part of your HR operations. The employee profile shows all the data associated with the employee just like the employment information, personal identity information, payments, checking account information, documents, account information, and any additional information available in custom fields.

Attendance Information Management

Attendance Information Management keeps track of your employee's working hours. It's the system you employ to document the time your employees work and therefore the time they begin and the Attendance Information Management will be done by recording employee hours using online attendance for your company. Attendance Information Management Systems allows you to calculate the hours that employees work accurately. This is especially beneficial if you've got employees performing on an hourly basis. You would like to be able to calculate the precise wages you owe to your employees. And, you would like to understand if you owe overtime wages to any employees.

Commission Information Management

Commission Information Management software helps businesses that managing and tracking the sales commissions sales reps earn by selling products and services, enabling the sales organization to quickly and accurately ensures properly compensated for their works and the commission pay introduces more variability into a company's monthly wages bill, and therefore the business must plan and manage effectively to make sure that it maintains income while paying commissions to sales reps. Commission Management helps to automate and streamline the process of tracking employee commissions, ensuring they are paid at an accurate time. Ensure the error-free commission and compensation payments, enhance operational efficiency through automation, and drive employee productivity with performance management features and enhanced visibility into commission data of Commission Information Management.

Salary Deductions

Payroll Salary Deductions extension from Solutions will be used to record the employee Salary Deductions. HR Payroll for the CRM handles all employee deductions on company-wide and individual levels to make sure they're automatically calculated each payroll period. Manage your company benefits structure by defining your deduction policy for every benefit you provide. Employees can enroll in available benefits in their self-service portal upon being hired, during the open enrollment, and following qualifying life events. Once enrolled, deductions are going to be calculated for every employee going forward. Manage the quantity of your time garnishment will occur, run reports, and submit payment to the proper agency.

KPI Bonus

HR Payroll for the CRM KPI Bonus evaluates the success of a corporation or of a selected activity during which the organization engages. They’re also defined as tools that will be utilized by an establishment to track its progress and success in accomplishing its mission. CRM KPI Bonus consists of several predetermined measurable goals for a company and that can include any feature of the organization which is deemed vital to its success. To create effective KPIs which also are referred to as Performance Metrics, an establishment should have a mission with realistic and clearly defined goals alongside clear objectives.

Insurance Management

CRM automates your insurance agency to extend sales and improve customer services. The HR Payroll for the CRM gives you the flexibility to customize the CRM software for your insurance agency. Improve Business Efficiency with HR Payroll for the CRM Software. Insurance organizations need to continually maintain with the rising competition in the market. At a similar time, the strict compliances and regulatory norms have held back insurers from innovating and delivering experiences desired by the top customers.

Income Taxes Management

The Income Taxes Management system easily calculates and creates customer statements and bills for all tax income types. This modern Income Taxes Management system supports E-billing and integrates with customer account management to register receivables. Income Taxes Management deals with filing of return in time, deducting tax at source, etc. One of the most useful benefits of this technique is that they permit spending money for basic operations. Income Tax Management is very important for anyone earning an income by working, be it a business, and provides freeform creation of tax controls. Income Taxes Management of running a tax-focused business. Income tax professionals use these solutions to handle client relationships, inbound requests, and online payments, additionally as analyze business data. Be designed to be used by tax practices, Provide tax resolution features, and therefore the client communication capabilities.

Payslip Template Management & Payslips Management

This Payslip Template includes very distinct sections. Employee details and payment details as well as a message section and also can include additional details. Employees with Automated Payslips with the assistance of HR Payroll for the CRM for Payslip Template Management. Periodic Payslip Generation, Detailed Salary Process, Payslip Access, and Payslip Layout Customization. The Payslip Templates are often kept as a record of salaries paid to an employee. The utilization of payslips is convenient for traders. Hopefully, you'll like this Payslip Template. A payslip contains information regarding salary date, salary amount, and tax and insurance deductions. An honest online payslip generator software and it's the right of each employee to ask for and receive regular payslips from the employer.

This Payslip Template includes very distinct sections. Employee details and payment details as well as a message section and also can include additional details.

Assets Management

Cloud-based portal for employees.

SMS Facility

Employee Self Service Module

Shift Management, Leave Management

User Level Access Rights

Employee Payroll Management System with record

Attendance Management System

Leave, Shift, Grade, Branch Management

HRD Module generation

The report generation and online submission

Payslip Generation


  • Income Tax Rates

  • Income Tax Rebates

  • Earnings List

  • Payroll Columns Management

  • Salary Deductions List

  • Insurance List

  • Data Integration

  • Permissions Management


  • Payroll Report

  • Income Summary Report

  • Insurance Cost Summary Report

  • Payroll Overview (Chart)

  • Payroll Department Overview (Chart)

Integration: Master Data Can be Imported from Data Files or Can be Synchronized with Modules.

HR Records

Timesheet & Leave Management

Sales Commission

Accounting and Bookkeeping for CRM

Accounting and Bookkeeping for the CRM applications are popular business tools because organizations are instantly ready to visualize and organize their customer data in one place and you’ll be able to further maximize your business efficiency and productivity. Accounting of CRM is a comprehensive, all-inclusive financial application built natively on the Salesforce platform. The CRM accounting software solution. The software applications built from past technologies, this whole solution is meant for modern organizations that operate and compete as a team. Accounting is about so much, quite crunching numbers. Helps for inputting, sorting, measuring, and then communicating transactions in various formats. Accounting/Bookkeeping CRM is a digital software application for accounting professionals, accountants, and bookkeepers to process and manage various financial transactions. The activities include invoicing, payable & receivable accounts, general ledger, tax compliance, balance sheets, income analysis, balance, income & expense statements, and more. The Accounting CRM caters to your wide selection of monetary services to make sure better customer relations, smoother operations, and maximum efficiency. CRM for accounting professionals is meant to assist accountants, certified public accountants, and bookkeepers manage work tasks like invoicing and billing. The CRM manages both clients and their billing needs during a single platform that’s accessible to sales and marketing teams additionally, the accounting department offers increased efficiency and overall cost savings. Bookkeeping CRM applications are designed to be utilized by the bookkeeping department in a business firm, or by individuals who prefer to keep their own records. Accounting and Bookkeeping CRM can store client contact information, client financials, and billing information. Bookkeeping CRM software is comparable to accounting software in that it provides time tracking capabilities for contractors. When working with a client, you’ll also track the hours that you simply put into each project. Companies using bookkeeping CRM software also can transfer invoices to clients using their own software like accounting applications, other bookkeeping CRM packages let clients enter their own payments electronically, and reduce paperwork. Bookkeeping CRM software isn’t really synonymous with accounting software, because it isn’t generally employed by accounting departments. Rather, it’s a dedicated piece of software for a selected need. Accounting and Bookkeeping CRM packages are purchased separately and into accounting applications, but individual packages specifically designed to manage accounting client relationships still are popular. Bookkeeping CRM software generally includes a different purpose than accounting software. The accounting application will be used for this purpose also but it should not enter quite the maximum amount of details in some respects. Creates the bookkeeping CRM and is more functional in some regards when it involves keeping client records. But where accounting software for bookkeepers is a bit lacking is in managing the general billing process at the business firm is typical with setting the pricing of accounting practice and tracking marketing activity. They’ll also help manage invoices and also the billing process from starting to end. Working with multiple clients is confusing, and time-consuming, without help, particularly for a little business owner.

Easy Leave Management for CRM

  • You Can Adjust Easily to Your Business Cycles
  • Increases Your Firm’s Valuation Because of Higher Profitability
  • Save Time and Save Money
  • Secure Your Business & Future
  • Helps to Improve the Decision Making
  • Keep up-to-date with your financial situation
  • The Accounting Helps Your Firm Grow Faster and Stronger, Sustainably
  • You Can Cut Overhead by Paying Just for Actual Work Done
  • You Can Improve Productivity and Work Quality
  • You Can Give Your Clients Better Quality Service

Features of Accounting and Bookkeeping For CRM


Dashboards are vital in Best CRM software. They provide a quick picture of your sales activities and KPIs. Instead of long text sections, CRM dashboards usually focus on visuals, graphs, and figures. Your sales teams may use them to assess the performance of your sales funnel and which activities must be accomplished next.


Mapping bank statements to accounting, mapping invoices to accounting, mapping payments to accounting, mapping expenses to accounting, mapping purchases to accounting, mapping inventory to accounting, and mapping payroll to accounting are all examples of data mapping tasks that may be performed.

Item Mapping Setup:

Advanced task mapping is one of the ways that outreach can sync activity data into a connected CRM. As compared to plain task mapping, advanced task mapping gives admins the flexibility to attach outreach activities directly to the Task and Activity objects within the CRM.

Expense Category Mapping Setup:

This Expense maps corporate cards, payroll, and benchmark suppliers to expense system tables. You may remap data, construct mapping tables, and map tables to fix MasterCard problems detected by your system during process loading. Tables & pick data in each column. Delete/add rows.


Transfers of Amounts between the Chart of Accounts and this can be a listing of the account numbers and names relevant to your company. The chart of accounts has 4 categories: Asset accounts, Liability accounts, Income accounts, and Expense accounts.

Chart of Accounts:

Maintaining the chart of accounts properly is the best way to manage your ledger accounts in every different sector. It's a list of the account numbers & names relevant to your company. Asset accounts, Liability accounts, Income accounts, and Expense accounts.


The process of matching transactions entered into the module against your bank statements. In this process target data is compared with source data to ensure that the migration architecture is transferring data. Data validation and reconciliation means a technology that uses mathematical models to process information. It is possible for mistakes to be made in the mapping and transformation logic.

Budgets Management:

The software allows you to create an unlimited number of working budgets. Budgets are created using system-generated historical data. It's common to update budgets by percentages or values inside periods, or by top-line numbers distributed over periods. Allows budgets reporting compares actual to one or more of the bottom, current, and dealing budgets.

Sales and Customers Reports:

Deposit Details: your deposits, with the date, customer or supplier, and amount and Income by Customer Summary: your income minus your expenses for every customer.

Expenses and suppliers:

Date, recipient, and amount of checks written Commensurate with the software's licensing and training of current users, Maintenance and support, repairs, recovery, security, updates, licenses, etc.

Accounts Aging:

Accounts Receivable Aging Summary unpaid balances for all customers grouped by days overdue & Details unpaid invoices grouped by days overdue, Accounts Payable Aging Summary unpaid bills grouped by days late & Details unpaid bills grouped by days overdue.

Banking Rules:

Transactions are automatically classified into several types, and all transactions are recorded in the general ledger. Every kind of transaction is automatically classified, and all information is stored in the ledger accounts. Automated transaction sorting & entry in ledger.
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    We have been in this industry since 2010 and have developed more than 200+ outstanding websites & e-commerce development projects delivered in 5+ countries.


    No. 9, Ground Floor, Chennimalai Layout, Uppilipalayam (PO), Coimbatore – 641015.

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