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Importance of Mobile Responsive Website

Can you think about the screen size of the smartphone that you got a few years back? Now what is the screen size of mobile phones and other gadgets that you use? Every new day begins with the release of gadgets with exciting features and the prevalence of smartphones is rapidly expanding. Businesses are forced to move online to run the race. 

As we know a website is crucial for business success, likewise responsive web designs are essential. 73.1% of people leave the website if it is a non-responsive web design and 74% of users are prone to revisit the website if the designs are mobile friendly. Your website serves no purpose if they have a non-responsive web design. Continue reading the blog and make sure that you are going to make a mobile responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Imagine a rubber band stretching to wrap around anything from a tiny pencil to a large water bottle. Responsive web design works similarly to a rubber band. Websites transform to fit various screen sizes, like a huge computer monitor or a small smartphone, just as a rubber band adjusts to different objects. This ensures websites are always easy to navigate and read, no matter the device you are using. So, just like the versatility of a rubber band, you have to design a website with a responsive web design and focus additionally on mobile-first website design for mobile devices.

Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Important in 2024?

Responsive Web Design offers various benefits, notably enhancing website performance. 

Layout: Optimizing layouts for various devices reduces loading times, crucial for retaining user engagement. 

Coding: It streamlines codebase management, facilitating faster updates and maintenance. This agility ensures consistent user experiences across platforms, strengthening brand reputation.

How important is Responsive Web Design?

Increased Reach: Mobile-responsive web designs ensure your website can be accessed by a broader audience, including users on smartphones and tablets. 55% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. 

Higher Search Engine Rankings: Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in search results, enhancing visibility and attracting more organic traffic. 

Enhanced User Experience: A seamless browsing experience across devices can boost conversion rates by up to 74%.

Enhanced Brand Image: 48% of users consider a website as the number one factor in determining the credibility of a business. A mobile-responsive website reflects positively on your brand, showcasing your commitment to providing a modern and user-friendly experience.

Increased Conversions: Conversion rates on mobile-friendly sites can increase by up to 60%, focusing on more leads and sales for your business. 

Cost-Efficiency: Building and maintaining a single responsive website is more cost-effective than managing separate desktop and mobile versions, potentially saving up to 80% in development costs. 

Customer Satisfaction: Providing a smooth and consistent experience regardless of the device builds trust among customers, encouraging repeat visits and referrals.

Faster Loading Times: Optimised designs result in quicker loading, reducing bounce rates.

Mobile-responsive web designs are essential and play a vital role in sustaining online success in today’s digital landscape. Select the best responsive web design firm in Coimbatore.

Principles of Responsive Web Design

Principles of responsive web design revolve around key guidelines that ensure a website is accessible and engaging across different devices. Adopt the mobile-first approach. Designing with mobile users as the focus allows the majority of internet users to access your content via smartphones. Employing a flexible and fluid layout, utilizing relative units such as percentages and ems instead of fixed pixels, the website adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes and resolutions. Integrate responsive images that adjust sizes and resolution according to the user’s devices to enhance experience and reduce page loading times, ensuring smoother browsing across all platforms.

What Google Recommends?

In India, Google is used as the primary search engine by a majority of the population. Let us hear from Google, as it has come out with recommendations that help improve the website’s performance on smartphones. Research shows that if there is a delay of more than a second it may affect the user’s thoughts and they are likely to return from the website.

Google suggests that your webpage doesn’t have to load immediately, but you can make it seem faster by focusing on showing the top part first while the rest loads in the background. Google advises that your server response time should be fewer than 200 milliseconds, with an additional 200 milliseconds for the above-the-fold content on your webpage to render. The number of redirects and round trips to the first render are minimized.

Responsive Website Cost in Coimbatore

Calculation of the responsive website cost in Coimbatore, there are a few factors to be considered. 

Features: The complexity of the website, the number of pages, features, and functionalities.

Customization: The customization of the website requires additional costs.

Third-party Integration: Integration of third-party services or e-commerce.

Costs: Maintenance and support costs.

We are the best responsive web design firm in Coimbatore offering top-notch responsive website solutions at the most competitive rates in the market. With years of experience and with a team of skilled professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality while ensuring affordability. Our commitment to quality and client-centric approach set us apart as the best choice for responsive website development in Coimbatore.


Our expertise in responsive web design in Coimbatore ensures your business stays ahead in the digital race. With cost-effective solutions and unmatched quality, we guarantee a seamless user experience across all devices. Don’t settle for less; invest in success today. Contact us now and transform your online presence!

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