Software Development

ICore Software Technologies engages in end-to-end product development enabling you to focus on your core business. Our product development heritage of 20+ years, the ability to innovate and deep technology experience are the key reasons for all our successful partnerships. Our Software Development Services score high on performance, security, maintainability and scalability.

Our patent-pending technology and thought leadership have resulted in groundbreaking products like market-leading, innovative and cutting-edge technology. Having developed products in-house, we understand the entire product life cycle extensively, and this differentiates us from other software development vendors.

Our product engineering experience enables us to exploit technology potential to the maximum. We build robust products leveraging cutting-edge technologies in Cloud, Mobility, Big Data and Analytics and Consumer Internet. Our solution accelerators, reusable components and frameworks enable us to rapidly develop software products on-time and within budgets. Our team is always willing to walk that extra mile to deliver top-of-the-line products for customers.

Enterprise Software Products

ICore Software Technologies has extensive expertise in building and testing backend systems for enterprise products using various technologies. We have engagements running over many years with enterprise software vendors. Our technology expertise and understanding of business domains make us a valuable partner of our customers.

Harbinger Systems provides companies with robust technology solutions for their business problems; such as:
Creation of portals and content delivery platforms for publishing and communicating information to various stakeholders in the organization
Workflow creation for processes in large enterprise systems
Performance testing of critical enterprise systems during peak usage times such as employee performance reviews or benefits open enrollment. Proprietary tools like Microsoft VSTS as well as open-source tools such as OpenSTA and others are used for this purpose. Read more about our performance engineering service
Implementation and customization of open-source enterprise systems and solutions. Read more about our open-source software development expertise
Some of the key enterprise software areas we work in are:
We have a keen eye for technologies and trends that are impacting the enterprise software world. We believe that some of the design principles and concepts from the consumer web can enable enterprise-class software to overcome limitations of performance, responsiveness and richness of experience.
We can help you with the choice of frameworks and the development and testing of your product to bring it up-to-date with proven “Web 2.0” concepts, even as you spend your time and effort on the core functionality of your product to keep it competitive.
Software as a Service: SaaS is causing an important shift in the enterprise world towards on-demand delivery of software and usage-based metering. We, at Harbinger, understand the implications of this important shift on software design, project execution, performance, and business as a whole.