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If you want a website that converts, having a professional web design company in Coimbatore at your side is precious. Whenever a lead visits your website, they always look at the banner, posters, CTA, and how smoothly the elements work. It’s no surprise the UI of your website represents your business and helps you convert leads into customers. So do ICore Software Technologies! Thanks to our results-driven website design strategies, we build a highly interactive website for your business. What’s your play? A WordPress business site? or an eCommerce store made in WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, PHP, etc.? Don’t sweat! We got your back with our custom web design services and incredible tech stack based on new industry standards.
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Results-driven website design

The primary motive of website designing or redesigning is to get the expected conversion rate. During website designing, ICore experts focus on building and optimizing elements that engage the visitors.
Our results-driven website design decreases the bounce rate and encourages visitors to hit CTA buttons. While 2-5% is the average conversion rate, we can get you up to double the results with web design services.

Industry’s leading tech stack

Designing a fully customized business website takes professional programming languages and frameworks. So, here we are with an outstanding tech stack featuring the industry’s most efficient web frameworks and designing resources.
For instance, we work with the latest programming languages such as HTML, PHP, and CSS for the best results.

Adhere to SEO algorithms

Every web design company may add SEO to its web designing services. However, no one will tell you how SEO algorithms change dynamically and affect the ranking. For instance, the Helpful Content Update (HCU) of SEO algorithm 2022 may demand different content optimization than before.
ICore Software Technologies always keeps an eye on these algorithms and updates its processes accordingly. That’s why our websites offer great SERP results and help your website reach the desired audience.

Experts with experience

Although we have access to the latest technologies, ICore Software Technologies is not a newbie! Being in business since 2010, we understand changing industrial trends and keep updating our resources accordingly.
Our experience collaborates with the skills and web designing resources to get the best out of your website. From content to graphics, we can handle every element to unlock the true potential of your online presence.

Multi-platform support

No doubt we offer client-specific web designing services but never restricted our operations to a single platform. Being an expert web design company in Coimbatore, ICore knows the tactics to cater elements of most website platforms.
So, whether you have a WordPress or WooCommerce website, we can design and develop every website to its best level.

Always available Tech support

Well, reliable customer support is an exclusive part of every web design company in Coimbatore. ICore makes it bliss by offering 24/7 technical support with dedicated professionals and a convenient process.
Doesn’t matter if your website is slow or an element is not working, you can easily raise the ticket and get any issue resolved.

Like our customer support, ICore’s team of consultants is always ready to hear about your project. You’re just a phone call away from consulting an experienced professional and getting a worthwhile quote for your project!

Website designing

What we can do?

Your Complete Web Design Solution is Right Here!

Custom website design

As a business itself, ICore respects the way you add value to the industry with your innovations. We design a creative and unique website that significantly represents your brand. You will get an articulate and visually appealing website that stands out from your competitors online.

While designing a website, we dedicate ourselves to following your goals and brand guidelines to ensure authenticity. Our custom website design services will help you convey your brand message effectively and engage your visitors to become customers.


Wireframing a website means creating a skeletal framework of the website with 3D shapes and blueprints. As it’s a part of our planning stage, our developers will discuss everything with you to ensure the inclusion of your desired elements.

Based on your suggestions and our expertise, we will create an architecture for the web design to make the process efficient and productive.

Competitor Research

Alright! You may be adding the touch of innovations to your services when compared to the competitors. However, if you want to beat your competitors online, it’s always a great idea to know what they’re doing.

At ICore Software Technologies, we conduct detailed competitor research and explain to you what’s working for your competitors. That’s what will lead us to design your website even better than theirs and get you on the top.

Front-end development

Here’s the most important part of website designing! Front-end development includes the development of UI design along with its elements. In front-end development, we develop the code for your website design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This code will bring your dream website to life and ensure it works properly on every device whether it’s a desktop or mobile. Thanks to our in-house team of front-end developers, we can build efficient and scalable code for your website.

Back-end development

In addition to front-end development, the back-end of your website also affects its performance. From data imports to CMS implementation, our back-end development includes everything that your UI design needs.

Like the front-end, ICore Software Technologies also has an in-house team of back-end developers. They have expertise in utilizing advanced back-end technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Django, CakePHP, Phoenix, and Flask.

SEO coding & ongoing SEO

Okay…You have an amazing website design making you fully confident about conversion boost. But how will your audience find the website on search results? That’s why SEO coding is an exclusive part of our custom web design services.

Experts at ICore Software Technologies design websites with source code, H1 tags, image alt tags, and internal links. All these elements are then optimized with target keywords so that your website can rank on the first page of search engines.

Website Copywriting

No matter how good your web design is it will sound incomplete without a high-quality web copy. ICore Software Technologies features the industry’s most professional copywriters with years of expertise in writing compelling content.

Whether it’s CTA or your services, our writers can add flairs of words to effectively represent your business. Additionally, our content team develops an effective content plan and helps you implement your strategies.

Website Developement

Services that Make Us an Innovative Web Design Company in Coimbatore

Our Services

Static/HTML Web Design

In a world full of dynamic sites, some businesses can be well-defined with a static/HTML website. Especially if you’re planning to add fixed content on your website, our static web design can make your investment worthwhile.

At ICore Software Technologies, we build and optimize separate HTML files for each page. It will offer a professional and SEO friendly user interface while saving you money.

Dynamic/CMS Web Design

Along with the static web design, ICore Software Technologies is expert in designing a dynamic/CMS website. We utilize server scripting and build easy to manage and highly scalable websites for better user experience. 

Not just dynamic pages, but our modern websites also feature web-based CMS designed according to your business needs. 

Redesign a Website

Already have a website? Well, functionalities keep changing and your existing website deserves a renovation. From changing color solutions to improving usability, we redesign your website with all the necessary changes required.

In addition to this, our experts check the existing HTML code and optimize it for better SEO performance. That’s how you enjoy a more powerful and converting website making your investment worthwhile. 


Single Page Websites

Don’t want a flood of pages on your website? Let’s keep everything on one page! ICore Software Technologies can build highly interactive and mobile-friendly single-page websites.

As there’s only one HTML page, all the pages from about to features are presented on a single website. It means your users enjoy a more continuous and fluid experience while exploring your products/services.

Corporate Website Design

When it comes to designing a business or enterprise website, developers must consider creativity along with professionalism. That’s where a professional web design company in Coimbatore comes up to offer fully tailored corporate designing services.
At ICore Software Technologies, we can build an exquisite website focused on your services and operations. Every element, whether it's content or CTA buttons, is created professionally and enriched with information.

Landing Page Design

Your landing page is always a destination, no matter wherever the customers find your website. So, it should be engaging and interactive enough to keep the visitor on your website. ICore experts flair your website up with engaging taglines, CTAs, and other optimizations.
We adhere to key elements of landing page designing, such as compelling copy, page speed optimization, and concise forms.

Blog Website Design

Want to add a blog to your website? Great idea! But it's not just about uploading articles related to your industry. You can reach a greater target audience if you have a well-versed blog page optimized with SEO.
Our developers will design a separate blog page that highlights the blogs you publish. You can expect a search bar, categorized blogs, and everything that boosts user experience.

WordPress Designing

With over 38% market share, WordPress’s popularity doesn’t need any explanation. If you also have a website made in WordPress, we can expertly handle website design jobs. Our experts can utilize plugins such WooCommerce and optimize them to build an enterprise-level eCommerce store. Similarly, ICore Software Technologies also specializes in web designing for Shopify and Wix. That’s why we are famous as the best web design company in Coimbatore.

Let's Talk About What We Can Build Together

Already have a logo? Let’s revamp it and make it more appealing than ever before! ICore Software Technologies can fulfill every web design need using high-quality resources and years of experience. If you’re looking for more information about how this web design company in Coimbatore can help, reach us today.

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We've been working with ICore Web Design for more than a year, and they've been great! They have excellent design and even better service. They are highly supportive of any demands you may have.
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